Friday, 30 September 2011

FFTO Blogger of the Week - Yummy Choo Eats

We stumbled across another fabulous blog this week. Selina’s blog Yummy Choo Eats is a collection of really homely dishes. Her incredible recipes are not fancy dinner party show off dishes (however for the record, if I were served any of these at a dinner party, I would be a very happy bunny). Selina’s recipes are about being comfortable in your kitchen and following your instincts.

Selina also seems to use one of my favourite styles of cooking. That’s the ‘lets just see what I’ve got in the cupboard and put something magical together’ style.

What stole the show for us over at Fruit HQ was her recipe for a pear, dark chocolate and hazelnut crumble – served with custard of course.


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