Monday, 14 January 2008

Sourcing Locally Grown British Produce

We always seem to read about British Farmers getting a tough deal....and it's true. If its not international competition and legislation, it's the weather ruining it all !

So at Fruit For The Office we have decided to try and source more of our produce within the local area, working with various farmers in and around London, to deliver Britains' finest to the desks of our customers.

So what are the benefits of sourcing our fruit locally, i hear you ask??

1. By purchasing locally you are supporting the local community farmers, growers and general food producers to maintain a living standard

2. You help to maintain the countryside. Demand for British produce has seen sharp decline in recent years, for fruits such as cherries and apples. Without the support of local businesses and the community, the farmers and growers would have to close their businesses.

3. Using locally sourced produce saves on the miles and miles that trains, lorries and planes use up when transporting produce, coughing out harmful carbon emissions that damage our environment.

4. You are acquiring much fresher produce and products when you buy Local. The further food travels, the longer it spends in transit, resulting in a decline of vitamin and nutritional values.

5. Today’s world is ever changing and has never been so unstable. We should not rely on imported foods. We know that our produce and products are of high quality and that by supporting our Local food supply chain, farmers, growers and producers will be able continue their supply.

And lastly, WE LOVE BRITAIN and SUPPORT OUR LOCAL FARMERS and want to see us go forth as a nation and multiple the very best produce blighty has to offer ! !

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