Friday, 2 November 2007

She's a Beauty

Finally, the missing parts have been sourced from across the world (some from Japan - dont ask!) the rubbing down is complete, the paint and graphics have gone on and our vintage delivery van is out on the road.....

Work began almost five months ago, and an ugly, rusty old wreck has been transformed into a beautiful classic delivery van to add to the fruit for the office fleet.

BUT...there is only one driver of this van - Tommy !... He was the one who found this classic, sitting in a field, almost ready to go to auto heaven, when he decided to make an outrageous offer and revive it to its former glory. He spent all of his spare hours working on the restoration and it's very unlikely you will see anyone else driving it......and if you do, dont tell him!

The van is already attracting attention from tourists, collectors and our clients alike.....which may actually be something to do with the old fashioned horn sounding off on Tower Bridge every morning!

An amazing restoration has happened here, and Tommy has done an almost forgotten classic van and the company very proud.

To his credit he is now the envy of all the old-school costermongers in Covent Garden Market!

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