Friday, 9 August 2019

How to keep healthy on business trips

If your job involves travelling and business trips, you may find it difficult to get back into the routine once the trip is over. You may even find yourself getting ill more often. What can you do to keep yourself healthy while on a business trip? Read on to find out...

Keep hydrated

Hydration is key to keeping your mind and body healthy. After all, your body is 60% water! Drinking plenty of water helps everything from your brain, to your muscles, even to your digestion. Try for between 1.5l to 2l a day. If you struggle to get in your water intake, try using a reusable bottle that you can take with you, especially if you have meetings or events to attend. There are also plenty of apps on your phone that will remind you when you next need to take a drink!

Eat fruit and veg for vitamins

Eating well while you're travelling is essential, although we know it's so easy to just grab convenience food when you're on the go! Although the recommendation is now 7 portions of fruit and veg a day, when you're travelling or in meetings constantly, take it easy and try to get 2-3 portions. Every little helps! Why not grab some fruit out your office fruit box before you leave?

Get some rest!

With varying schedules, and sometimes long days of travel, sleep can be the one thing that evades you, but it can be the one thing that stops you from becoming ill. Sleep boosts your immune system, and resets you for the next day. Make sure you have some time to wind down before getting into bed, and try your best to get 7 hours in bed before you have to be up. But if you can't sleep, don't stress, as this will make you feel worse. Just being in bed relaxing, even if you're not asleep, can be just as good as getting a deep sleep. This leads us onto our next point...

Limit caffeine

It's always tempting to guzzle down coffee or energy drinks for that caffeine kick to keep you going on long days of meetings, events, or travelling. But caffeine is not always your friend; and can prevent you from properly unwinding and sleeping later in the day. Caffeine can also trigger anxiety and stress, so is not always useful in stressful situations. If you can't function without caffeine, we recommend limiting it to before lunchtime only.

What's your top tips for keeping healthy while travelling for work? Let us know @office_fruit!

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