Friday, 5 July 2019

What your go-to mug says about you

The mug is an office staple, along with trips to the kitchen to make a tea or coffee to go into that mug. However, a mug is not just a mug - we all have that one mug that we like drinking out of, and some of us have been known to get a little *possessive*! So, what does your favourite mug say about you?

The Travel Mug
If you're a busy bee who is always on the move, going to meetings in different locations or working from different offices, your go-to mug may well be a travel mug. If this is you, you're most likely someone who can't sit still, and love the opportunity to jump your of your chair and head to somewhere new!

The Novelty Mug
If you love a novelty mug, we bet you're cheeky and love to make a joke out of things. You may even be a practical joker (are you Jim from The Office?)

The Company Branded Mug
If you prefer to stick to a company branded mug, you're probably someone who loves your job, and more importantly, loves the company you work at. You live and breathe your company.

The HUGE Mug
There's always someone in the office that just NEEDS a huge mug of coffee in the morning to get them going. Or in the afternoon as a pick me up....if you're that person, you're probably someone who doesn't do things by halves, and probably, doesn't get enough sleep!

The Ever-so-Tiny Mug
We might be generous calling this a mug (purists may call it an espresso cup), but we know there are plenty of you out there who like cups like this! If this is your mug of choice, then you may be a perfectionist, and a coffee connoisseur, who likes no-fuss drinks - because really, what can you fit in a tiny mug other than espresso!?

What is your favourite type of mug? Let us know @office_fruit!

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