Friday, 18 January 2019

Profile On: Blackberries

In our first Profile On: blog post of 2019, we're looking at blackberries!

What does it look like?

Blackberries are actually a very dark purple, which appear black, hence the name. They are berries that are clusters of other, smaller berries. They start life as red fruit, and turn purple when they are ripe and ready to be picked.

Does it have any other names?

They are sometimes called brambleberries, bramble, dewberry, thimbleberry and lawers

Where's it from?

They are available in the UK from the end of Summer until October. Mexico is the leading producer of blackberries, and nearly all its crop is produced for export into the off-season fresh markets in the US and Europe. They also grow in the wild in most of Europe.

What does it taste like?

Blackberries have a sharp, sweet taste, that goes lovely with desserts such as icecream, or added to savoury breakfast items such as porridge! They also work lovely in smoothies.

What are the health benefits?

They are rich in Vitamin C, have a low sodium count and are only 62 calories per cup, which makes them the perfect snack! They are high in tannins, which helps reduce intestinal inflammation, and other digestive issues.

Did you know?

If blackberry plants turn orange, they have to be destroyed - it means they have a serious fungal disease which cannot be cured!

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