Friday, 28 December 2018

Which fruit did our clients eat most in 2018?

We're coming up to the end of another year, and hasn't 2018 been a great one! Here's a roundup of our best sellers this year. Our clients are fruit-mad!

So we sold....

601,224 bananas!
354,460 braeburn apples!
121,628 pears!
76,700 satsumas/clementines/tangerines!
68,380  golden delicious apples!
54,704 granny smith apples
53,820 pink lady apples!
22,880 red delicious apples!
13,208 lemons!
12,740 plums!
11,440 kiwis!
10,036 punnets of blueberries!
9,672 royal gala apples!

That's a whole lot of fruit! Become part of the fruit revolution by signing up here.

What was your favourite fruit this year? Let us know @office_fruit

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