Friday, 12 October 2018

Why these myths about fruit just aren't true!

We know that in this world of healthy eating, there are still some myths floating around about fruit. We searched out the 5 most popular, and debunked them for you!

Myth 1: Fresh is best

While fresh fruit is delicious, and looks great, there is no form of fruit that is better than another! Dried fruit still gives you the same amount of great taste and fibre, so why not change it up? However, do keep in mind dried fruit has a higher sugar content as it is concentrated, so you do not need as much dried fruit as fresh!

Myth 2: Juice should be avoided

Fruit juice is still a great way of getting the vitamins and minerals from your fruit, so it is definitely worthwhile including it in your diet - however, you do not get the same dietary fibre as fresh fruit, so do not rely on fruit juice to get your 5 a day.

Myth 3: Organic is more nutritious

You may know that here at Fruit For The Office we do not guarantee our fruit as organic. It has not been proven that organic fruit is any more nutritious than traditionally harvested fruit. Our focus is on high quality fruit, and organic fruit does not always meet this standard.

Myth 4: Sugar in fruit is bad for you

We can confirm that fruit has sugar in it. However, this sugar is different from the "added" sugar in other items. Added sugar lacks the health-promoting qualities of fruit.

Myth 5: Fruits are too expensive

Fruits may seem expensive, but when you add them into a varied diet, and you snack less on other less healthy foods, you may well find that your budget does not increase at all! And if you have the benefit of a fruit bowl at work, get stuck in and make the most of the fruity goodness!

What myths have you heard about fruit? Let us know @office_fruit

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