Friday, 12 January 2018

How to persuade your manager to get an office fruit delivery!

You've got the January blues, you're looking at how to make your diet healthier, or you just want to add a boost to you and your colleagues' work performance, what can you do? You find yourself on our Fruit For The Office website, and you start to look at all the yummy options we have for fruit deliveries. But then you think, how can I convince The Boss that we NEED this in the office? Never fear! If you want to convince the powers that be that you NEED a fruit delivery, we have all the reasons laid out for you!

So what are the benefits of a fruit delivery?

It's proven to motivate staff!
Think of that excitement when the FFTO delivery driver walks through the door with this week's fruit box - the colourful, fresh, healthy fruit is ready for the eating! People grab it as a breakfast, or just a boost in the middle of the day, and they feel that they are appreciated by their workplace. It also Increases job satisfaction

It increases memory and job performance
Few of us think about how what we eat affects our performance, but did you know that the antioxidants and vitamins in fruit helps with inflammation, and they help boost our memory processes, and enhances our mood, therefore also enhancing our performance?

Having health snacks on hand keeps everyone in top shape which means less sick time!

While everyone's eating a healthy banana rather than crisps, they are getting the nutrients they need to fight off any bugs they might come into contact on their daily commute, or even at their desk! Providing fruit to your staff will reduce the amount of sick time they need to recover from illness, therefore boosting the company's performance.

Avoids unnecessary "runs to the shop"
With a tasty snack already at their fingertips, there is no need for staff to go to the shop, taking up their work time because their blood sugar has dropped and they want a quick fix. Keep people motivated to stay in the office longer by providing something they want to munch on!

Impress your clients
An added benefit to having fruit in your office is it's impressive to clients, especially if you can display a colourful bowl of fruit in meetings to keep them going!

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