Friday, 15 December 2017

What do the stickers on your fruit mean!?

If you've ever peeled off a sticker from your fruit and wondered what the codes mean, this is the blogpost for you!

The numbers are a code, known as the price look up (PLU) code which is how the fruit is looked up in shops. The code on the stickers refer to how the fruit was grown - whether conventionally, if the fruit is organic, or if it's genetically modified.

If your fruit has a four digit number on it, such as 4020, that means it has been grown using conventional methods. For example, all bananas have the code "4011" if they have been grown conventionally.

Five digit codes beginning with an "8" means the fruit is genetically-modified, so take care if you are looking to avoid eating this type of produce. GM bananas will always be 84011.

A five digit code beginning with a "9" means the fruit has been grown organically. For an organic bananas, the code will be 94011.

The codes are all assigned by the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS), and this organisation hands out the codes to fruit being sold all over the world. The codes have been in use in supermarkets all over world since 1990.

It's good to note that the adhesive used to stick the stickers to the fruit is safe to eat - although we don't recommend eating the sticker itself!

Why not take a look next time you tuck into your fruit, to see what number it has!

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