Friday, 17 November 2017

Things only an office worker understands

An office has its own culture, and if you work in an office there will be certain things you just *get* compared to any other job. How many of the below do you identify with?

1. When someone has used up all the milk in their cereal so you can't have that emergency cup of tea

There's nothing worse than getting to the fridge and finding out there is NO milk for that caffeine fix - what are you meant to do, have BLACK tea!?!?! *oh the horror!*


2. Lying about your weekend

When someone asks what you did at the weekend and for the 4th week in a row you stayed in bed watching Netflix so you say instead you had a wild one...


3. Bringing in lunch and eating it before 10am

To save money you make the effort to make lunch the night before work, and bring it in with good intentions....and by 10am it's gone.


4. Signing cards for people you've never seen before

There's always a birthday going on in an office, and that means birthday collections and a card. We've all had to sign a card for someone we've never even seen. Happy Birthday stranger!

5. Fighting over the air con

If you have air con, you have probably had a fight over the air con. You'll turn it up, they turn it down. Why can we never get it right!?


6. Having office parties on a Thursday

Why do office parties always take place on a Thursday? Cue everyone coming in on Friday morning nursing sore heads.


7. The passive-aggressive notes on the kitchen walls

There will always be a note reminding you to "keep the microwave clean" and "wash your dishes", and even "hands off my cheese!" How do you tackle these notes? Why, write some of your own of course!

8. The excitement when the fruit delivery arrives!

Whether you eat the fruit for breakfast or a snack, everyone can't wait to get their hands on their favourite!

9. Your favourite mug goes missing and you see Tim from Marketing with it

We all have our favourite mug, and there is no greater pain than seeing someone else using it! Then you have to decide whether to give it up, or disinfect it...

10. That person that never offers to make a cuppa

There's always that person that says "yes" to a round of hot drinks, but never offers to make one. We suggest you *forget* to ask them next time....


What's your favourite thing to hate about working in an office? Let us know @office_fruit

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