Friday, 14 July 2017

Fruit flies - how to get rid of them!

We love fruit (obviously!) and all the benefits it brings, but from time to time the nectars from the gods attract some devilish friends that leave a bitter taste in mouths of office workers across the country.

We're talking about fruit flies of course! Fruit flies are those dainty little creatures that seem to float, rather than fly causing annoyance to all and sundry. The pesky little things rarely confine themselves to one area of the office, drifiting their way into every nook, cranny and desk available.

Here's how to get rid of fruit flies from your office:

  • Eat all the fruit! Fruit flies are generally attracted to fruit that has been left lying around, and seeing as prevention is always better than a cure the best thing to do is to gobble it up. Got half the office out for holidays? Contact us to reduce your office fruit delivery, even for just a week, to prevent waste!
  • Remember, fruit isn't the only culprit. Anything sweet and sticky can attract fruit flies, so make sure sugary drinks and sauces are cleaned up and put away.
  • Once you're cleaned up and have eaten all the fruit, you may still need to deal with the army of fruit flies that have invaded your office. This is where the traps come in:
    • Put out half a glass of wine - never ones to encourage wasting alcohol, desperate times call for desperate measure. The flies will flock to the wine, then you can dispose of them all!
    • Burn some incense - fruit flies don't like the thick smoky air so will head for the nearest exit (be sure to leave a window open) or meet their timely death. 
    • Use fresh bait - take a piece of overripe fruit and place it in a bowl or jar. Cover with a piece of cling film - make sure it is taut then poke some holes in the film with a fork. The fruit flies will find their way in but will then be trapped. 

Got any top tips to get rid of fruit flies? Let us know office_fruit 

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