Friday, 26 May 2017

Meet The Team: Office Administrator

In this week's instalment of our "Meet the Team" series, we meet Catherine, our Office Administrator! 

What is your job title?
Office Administrator

What do you do every day at work?
I place regular customer orders to ensure our customers receive their deliveries when requested. I also run regular reports for bulk orders from suppliers. Some days can be a lot more "manic" than others though - there is the odd day where anything and everything can go wrong, which completely puts a spanner in the works!

How long have you been with FFTO?
18 months

What is your go-to breakfast?
Porridge with blueberries

What do you do as soon as you get into work?
I'm usually in a bit earlier so I can make myself a cup of tea and have a chat with Vicky in accounts, before the day begins!

Lunch at your desk, or lunch out?
Lunch at my desk!

What's your favourite fruit? (or fruit snack?)
A bowl of red grapes and blueberries, with some yoghurt

Tea all day, or tea never?
Tea whenever it gets a bit chilly in the office!

Tell us one thing no one in the office knows about you (yet!)
I have Italian blood - we used to have the surname Morellini but they changed the name to Moreline to avoid being attacked. It was just after World War I when the Italians had sided with German!

What is your party trick?
I'm not sure if I still can, but I used to be able to quote Finding Nemo word for word....I spent lessons in school with my best friend taking it turns! Rock 'n' roll I know...

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why? 
A sloth...I can take things at my own pace but still get the job done!

Have any more questions for Cat? Let us know @office_fruit!  

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