Friday, 12 May 2017

How to peel an orange - have you been doing it wrong all along?

  Oranges are the most notoriously difficult to peel, and that's certainly the feedback we get from our customers! With complaints about them being messy, to downright annoying (orange juice in the eye, anyone?), they're a fruit that we've all struggled with at some point in our life. But what if we have been peeling them wrong all along?

What about being able to open an orange in 3 easy cuts? Well, as the below video will demonstrate, it might be just as simple as 1, 2, 3!

First, take a knife and slice off the base of the orange. Then slice off the top. Finally, cut halfway through the orange from top to bottom, allowing the fruit to open out. Look at all those segments!

Source: Life Hack: Fastest way to peel an orange by LifeHacks4You on Rumble

Will this humble trick mean oranges get a fairer chance in our clients' fruit boxes? Let's find out!

Have you tried this hack? Let us know @office_fruit

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