Friday, 31 March 2017

Profile On: Passion Fruit

 Following on from our last post in our Profile On series, this week we take a look at the passion fruit, a versatile fruit which has grown in popularity.

What is it? 
The passion fruit is a nutritious fruit, rich in antioxidants and vitamins. This tropical fruit is considered a type of berry. It is the fruit of the passiflora vine, which is a type of passion flower.

What does it look like?
It is small,with a  tough outer rind, and a juicy, seed-filled centre. There are several types; the most common are purple (passiflora edulis) and yellow (passiflora flavicarpa).

Where's it from?
Although it is a tropical fruit, some varieties can survive in sub-tropical climate. It is grown all over the world, and crops can be found in South and North America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

How do I eat it?
You need to slice or rip open the rind to expose the flesh and seeds. The passion fruit can be eaten raw, and the seeds are edible. The white film separating the rind from the flesh is edible but is bitter so most people leave that part! This fruit is mostly used in drinks, desserts, on salads and in yoghurts.

What does it taste like?
It is very tart, and there is a large smell component, as it has a very strong and characteristic perfume.

What are the health benefits?
It contains iron alongside vitamin c, which is hugely beneficial as vitamin c helps with iron absorption. It also has lots of antioxidants, and that all important dietary fibre.

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