Monday, 15 August 2016

How to buy healthy food for less

So as a Fruit For The Office customer, you buy your fruit to have a healthy snack at the desk. But what about buying fruit and veg to eat at home? We always hear about how *expensive* it is to buy healthy foods rather than junk; but surely there are ways to buy fruit and veg but still keep to a budget? Here are our top tips to buying fresh produce for less:

1. Brave the discount shops

Shops like Aldi and Lidl (and even Iceland!) are a life saver when you're shopping on a budget. Although they might seem overwhelming, it's best to have a rummage through to see what they have on offer, and watch the pounds drop off your final bill!

2. Never buy prepared

Prepared fruit and veg may be more convenient, but the preparation racks up the cost, and also lessens the shelf life of the product. Buy whole product, and prepare it yourself, to save pennies.

3. Check the sell by, use by and quality

When you pick up an apple (or banana, or onion....) make sure to pick it up and have a good look at it. Marked produce tends to rot quicker, leaving you with less things to eat, and a potential mess in your fruit bowl! Sell by and use by dates are also a good indication of how long things will last.

4. Buy in bulk when necessary

In many places, particularly whole food shops, you can buy your product in bulk to save the pennies. This does require storage, but if you have the room certain items can be bought and stored to use at a later date. Things that are great for this are onions and potatoes.

5. Buy frozen

We're always told fresh is best, but frozen fruits and vegetables hold their nutrients, and last a lot longer than fresh.This also helps if you're buying in bulk, as you don't have to worry about use-by dates! 

6. Buy shelf-life preservers to reduce waste

There are a lot of items on the market now that can help prolong the life of your produce. From storage boxes, to ethylene gas absorbers (you know, that nasty gas that ruins your fruit and veg!), there's plenty of things that can help you get the most out of your healthy food.
Can be found here

Can be found here

What are your tips for being healthy on a budget? Let us know @office_fruit  

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