Friday, 12 February 2016

We've Got Your Valentine's Cards Covered!

Valentine's Day is round the corner. Whether you've been with your beau for 5 years; or you've only just started dating and the thought of a mushy day fills you with a mix of dread and excititement, we've got you covered on the funny-but-still-cute cards that will show your feelings, without being over the top. Whether you like puns, sweet pictures or a simple sentiment, you're bound to love our selection.

Don't have a Valentine? Don't worry! We reckon a card to yourself, filled with all the reasons you love yourself, will be a Valentine worth keeping.

It must be love! - from Notonthehighstreet

We all love a bit of cheese from time to time! - from Etsy
For the lovers of TOWIE - from Scribbler

We love this throwback to the 90's - from Scribbler

We know a few people who would love this one *We're looking at you crazy cat lady!* - from Scribbler

We love this cute animal based card - from Etsy

We love this cheeky little one - from Scribbler

For those of us who meet online (don't be ashamed!) - from Etsy

Short and sweet sentiment! - from Notonthehighstreet

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Which card will you be sending this Valentine's Day? Let us know @office_fruit (the soppier the better!)


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