Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Snack Wisely

You've eaten the whole pack of digestives but you promised yourself you'd eat just two...
You've bitten your nails in guilt, twiddled your thumbs and rearranged your pencil pot. It must be time for another snack... 
You didn't feel very full after a coffee and that muffin, you best have some crisps.... 
It's a vicious cycle!

We're here to snap you out of the naughty snacking rut! 

Eat slowly
Try eating fruits that take a while to peel, or nuts, like pistachios, which come in their shells. If you eat whilst peeling your fruit, or crack open your nuts, you’re giving your body more time to feel full. You will eat less when eating slowly.

Savor it
If you take the time to put your snack on a plate, sit down and enjoy it, you’re going to savor what you’re eating that much more, and enjoy the taste! 

If you're going to have a treat/cheat, do it in moderation. Don’t sit down with an entire pack; you’re likely to end up eating it ALL, for sure. Just have a small portion and enjoy every last crumb, slowly.

Shop wisely
Avoid the naughty isles - they're usually labelled CRISPS, BISCUITS & CHOCOLATE (in case you can't distinguish...) Don’t keep snacks in the house - you can’t eat what’s not there! Stock your fridge and cupboards with healthy foods and you will eat healthily. 

List it
Make a list of all the healthy foods that you like: Celery, apple, yogurt, peanut butter, cucumber sticks, nuts, dried mango slices, banana... Once you have your list, prepare a few bits to take to work with you in Tupperware boxes. Do not pack a chocolate bar or crisps in your lunch bag.

What's most important when snacking, is that you're fueling your body with goodness. Your insulin, scales and energy levels will not thank you for a quick sugar rush. 

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