Friday, 17 October 2014

5 Reasons Why Stone Fruits Are So Good For You

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A pain in the neck - or should we say teeth! - stone fruits can sometimes be a jaw shattering surprise. But when each stone is surrounded by sweet, delectable flesh, we always make that extra effort to stop ourselves from devouring the things whole!
Delicious, healthy and with most varieties in season, stone fruits will do you a world of good when you add them to your office fruit delivery!

5. Fountain of Youth

You may think that it's only citrus fruits that has ownership over vitamin C but stone fruits such as plums and apricots are chock full of the stuff! Not only is vitamin C well known for fighting off illness, it also battles the signs of ageing by aiding iron absorption and helping the body form collagen - keeping the skin plump and peachy!

4. Strengthen Teeth and Bones

Whilst chomping on the stones may leave you in a dentist's chair, just eating the delicious flesh can keep both your teeth and bones stronger than ever. Vitamin K is the key here, with just two plums giving you a 10th of your daily allowance. This bone-building vitamin reduces the risk of tooth decay as well as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

3. Nerve and Muscle Care

As much as we love bananas here at Fruit For The Office, we know that not everyone shares our adoration of the curvy, yellow fruit. So, if you feel you're missing out on your vital potassium intake by skipping the fruit delivery staple, just reach for two small peaches instead. Not only are peaches incredibly sweet and moreish, they also contain the same amount of potassium as a medium banana! So, reach for a stone fruit next time as the potassium will help to keep fatigue, irritability and high blood pressure away whilst also looking after your all important muscles and nerves.

2. Skip the Specs

Not only does the bright orange colour of most stone fruits make them look almost too good to eat, it also helps you keep bad eyesight at bay. Carotenoids are an antioxidant that not only supply the rich pigment to the fruit, they also help strengthen your eyesight, skin and immune system. Cooking the fruit makes more of this antioxidant available to your body so be sure to take some leftovers from your office fruit delivery home and return to the office the next day with a freshly baked peach crumble! (Not only will it put you in the good books of everyone in the office, you might even be saving them a trip to the opticians!)

1. Keeping You Regular

All stone fruits - especially their skins - are packed with fibre, which helps your body to digest food with ease. Not only will scoffing down nectarines make toilet breaks a lot less painful, you'll also benefit from feeling fuller for longer thanks to the high fibre content. Keeping your body healthy from the inside out, eating stone fruits can also benefit weight management (so be sure to add these to your diet plan!), diabetes and cholesterol.

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