Friday, 6 June 2014

Women V Cancer Ride the Night 2014

Riding your bike around London - trying not to be nudged off the road by overzealous cab drivers and avoiding seemingly kamikaze commuters - can seem a particularly daunting task, especially at night!

But charity event Women V Cancer Ride the Night takes you on a scenic, moonlit journey through the capital's streets on a circular 100km ride passing by London's top tourist attractions whilst every pedal you push helps to raise money to help fight breast, cervical and ovarian cancers.

Fruit for the Office sprung into action to help this worthy cause and - because we were all too chicken to ride a bike that isn't stationary and attached to a gym floor! - we donated boxes upon boxes of bananas to the exhausted but severely toned thigh-ed women who pushed their pedal to the gravel.

We hope all the ladies that took part on the 31st May 2014 are fully recovered now and we also hope that cyclists - new and old - will be applying for next year's Women V Cancer Ride the Night at this link!

Be sure to tweet us @office_fruit or leave a comment below if you were at Ride the Night and you may be featured on a future blog or tweet!

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