Friday, 27 June 2014

How to Get Organised for Work

You've seen it written a thousand times on those cheesy motivational posters your irritating "let's do lunch" boss insists on coating their office walls with. 'Organisation is the key to success'.

And as much as you fight it and try and wing it through meetings, stacks of documents and even lunch - organisation is the mother of all skills to have. The mother that strokes your head and says "Shh, it's okay, here's those reports you need for today's meeting all alphabetically filed in this functional - yet super cute - folder and, guess what, your lunch isn't smushed and bruised because you put it in your amazingly fashionable lunchbox today."

Organisation is awesome.

So here's Fruit for the Office's top ways to stay organised at work, from filing to meeting to eating.

Fruit Saviour might sound slightly sketchy for the filthy minded among you but these hunks of plastic are an absolute godsend for anyone who's ever taken a piece of fruit out of their bag to find it bruised, punctured and sloppy - so next time you get an office fruit delivery and want to take a piece (or five) home - be sure to always use protection.

90s Throwback

Nothing reminds you more of being at school back in the 90s (and early 00s) than smelly gel pens. Not only do they smell like delicious, sweet fruit, they also help you colour code any notes you have to make. You were the coolest kid if you had the full set of exotic smelling fruit pens and now you can finally be cool again with this set from Urban Outfitters! (We're kidding, you were always cool - your mum told us.)

Filing Good

Those metal paper holders that were supplied with your desk on day one are making your office look more and more like a scrap shop every day. Shake the gloom of cloudy coloured chrome and spruce up your desk with this Emma Bridgewater storage box adorned with zesty, bright oranges and a motivational quote you can believe in. Who knows, it might even make you want to file more documents! (Spoiler warning: It probably won't)

People still write on paper?

We'll never tire of a fresh notebook ready to be filled with notes, to-dos, bucket lists, meeting minutes, diary entries... or just doodles when the client on the other end of the phone has you on hold for the twentieth time. Keep things chic, fruity and SS14 on-trend with these pineapple print notebooks from Etsy sellers invisiblecrown and feltmountainstudios.

What can't you live without at the office? Whether you're a PA, secretary or office assistant, tweet us @office_fruit and let us know what keeps you organised (even if it's making your to-do lists on tumblr)

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