Friday, 28 March 2014

#FeelGoodFruitFriday - Mother's Day Presents for Every Type of Mum

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What do you get when your mum has become bored with flowers and her diet is going much better than yours so chocolate is off the table? Vouchers, maybe? A beauty treatment, perhaps? How about a fresh, luxury fruit basket, delivered to mum's door and packed with natural goodies and a personalised message from her favourite son or daughter?

Your office fruit supplier has a wide variety of boxes to suit every kind of mum and depending on where she is, the basket can be delivered to her home or office - whichever she'd prefer (it is her day after all!)

The 'Cuddly, caring "I wish my children were still too young to mouth off to me"' Mum

Teddy and Fruit Basket - £37.99

The 'Finer things in life' Mum

The 'I'd rather you'd bought me a holiday' Mum

Tropical Fruit Basket - £39.99

The 'Traditional, "Oh you shouldn't have!"' Mum

The 'You should try kale, they say it's a superfood!' Mum

Smoothie Maker and Fruit Basket - £59.99

The 'Summer couldn't come sooner, I get to classily drink booze at a BBQ!' Mum

You can order all of these baskets at either or by calling 08000194037.

Tweet us @office_fruit and tell us which of these sound like your mum or tweet our Fruit Experts to find out which fruit gift would be best for the most wonderful woman in your life this Sunday.

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