Friday, 14 March 2014

#FeelGoodFruitFriday - 100 Happy Days Instagram Challenge

Instagram is normally a place to post selfies, photos of your cat or your 'totes amaze #foodporn' dinner.

However, 100 Happy Days fever is spreading worldwide as the international social experiment takes over Instagram!

It's a simple concept - all you need to do is post once a day for 100 straight days (using the hashtag #100happydays) a photo of something that made each of those 100 days happy!

100 Happy Days is spreading positivity not only around the internet but in real life too! So, why not give it a try? We've scoured the #100happydays tag to pick out our fruit favourites to give you a little inspiration.

Tweet us @office_fruit with your Instagram username if you're already taking the 100 Happy Days challenge and we may share your photo on our Twitter! Also, comment down below and let us know what's made you happy today. Happy Friday everyone!

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