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#FashionableFruitFriday - Natural DIY Lip Sugar Scrubs Recipes

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Cold weather can be a real pain in the peaches. Winter is a beauty battlefield and dry hair, dry skin and, of course, dry lips are the casualties. It can be hard traversing the makeup counters and pharmacies in the rainy, bitter months for a lip product that ticks all your boxes: moisturising, hydrating, cheap, long-lasting, exfoliating, natural - to name a few.

However, if you can see your office fruit box from across the room; it's sweet, delicious, natural treats just crying out to be eaten then you may be in luck - and be saving yourself from an expensive trek to the lip care aisle.

The restorative, beauty-enhancing effects of fruit have long been embraced - especially by us here at Fruit For The Office HQ! - so why shouldn't you be using them to keep dry, chapped lips at bay?

Edible Lip Sugar Scrub Recipe

  • brown or white sugar
  • extra virgin coconut oil
  • fruit, essential oils or natural flavourings of your choice
  • small airtight container to store it in
- Take whatever size container you want to store your lip scrub in and fill it halfway up with your sugar to measure.
- Remove the sugar then transfer to a mixing bowl
- Measure the coconut oil in the container as well, ensuring it also fills up to halway to get a 1:1 ratio of sugar to oil
- Transfer the measured oil to the mixing bowl then add your selected fruit, essential oils or natural flavourings at this point 
- Gently combine the sugar, oil and added ingredients together, making sure not to let the sugar granules dissolves by mixing for too long
- Spoon the scrub into your chosen container and refrigerate to keep it fresh for around 2-3 weeks, remove  from fridge five minutes before use to let soften

Flavour Ideas:

  • Freshly squeezed Orange or Lemon juice and Honey 
The sweet combination of vitamin-packed citrus and soothing honey will have your lips kiss ready in no time

  • Pumpkin puree and Cinnamon
Not only will your lip scrub taste like a winter dessert, pumpkin is full of skin saving Vitamin E! However, if using pumpkin puree, use it instead of the coconut oil in the recipe.

  • Cranberry and Vanilla

Finely chopped dried cranberries are easy to order from your office fruit supplier and taste amazing combined with natural vanilla flavouring - just be sure not to eat the entire batch before your lips have had a pampering!

Tweet us @office_fruit and let us know your favourite winter dry skin remedies or leave them in the comments below!

As always, be sure to do a 48-hour patch test for all of these ingredients and recipes because although it's all natural, it doesn't mean it will have the same effect on everyone's skin!

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