Friday, 23 August 2013

#FitFruitFriday - How do you Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

There's nothing worse than waging a fruitless war against those pesky constantly-multiplying flies. Whether your office fruit is stored in the kitchen or in a reception display, these unsightly pests are not what you want to see buzzing around your delicious, fresh fruit!

So, as a duty to our valued customers from your favourite London office fruit supplier, we've listed our favourite tips and tricks to keep these annoyances at bay.

  • Don't put fruit or food waste in your waste paper basket
Always throw away any fruit peel or waste into a refuse or compost bin. If you're being lazy and throw it into your paper bin by your desk, it'll end up making the bin smell as it doesn't have a liner. This will then attract pests even when the waste is removed due to the smells and bacteria.

  • Always check the fruit bowl regularly for rotten fruit
Rotting and overripe fruit will not only attract flies but it will speed up the rotting process for the rest of that delicious fruit you're storing - which in turn will attract even more flies!

  • Replace cleaning equipment
The nasty little things are also attracted to dirty houseware such as dish clothes, mops and sponges. Make sure to replace them regularly and don't leave any old mop water in the bucket!

  • Clean out all your bins
Whether it's the refuse bin or the recycling bin, sticky and sweet leakages can happen in both and are great attractants and breeding grounds for fruit flies. Make sure to clean the insides of bins with anti-bacterial spray or hot soapy water regularly. 

  • Think about what your pouring down the sink
The flies aren't just flying above ground, they're laying low too. Pipes and drains are great breeding grounds, especially after all that excess food you and your colleagues have poured down the sink is festering there. Reduce how much organic matter goes on a trip down the drain and be sure to regularly use drain cleaner and hot water in the plug hole. 

  • Make a jar trap
If all else fails, catch them! Take a jar and either pour some apple cider vinegar in or place a piece of over-ripe/rotting fruit in. Then nick a sheet of A4 from the printer and make it into a cone shape, with the narrower edge inside the jar. The fruit flies will be able to enter but not leave! Release them outside fairly far from the office once you've caught them.

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