Friday, 9 August 2013

#FashionableFruitFriday - Ida Frosk, Instagram Idol and Food Artist

We're always trying to make our fruit look as good as possible whether it's an office fruit delivery neatly packed up and ready to enjoy at your desk each morning or it's one of our bespoke fruit baskets, we pride ourselves on making our already naturally good-look fruit that little bit more tarted up.

But Ida Frosk, Norwegian cool foodie, has really taken the strawberry shortcake with her ongoing series of beautiful food art - that, in case you were wondering, she does devour afterwards! As Ida rightly says on her blog ( "Anything else would be very wasteful and completely defer my main aim: to make tasty AND good looking meals."

So here's our favourite fruity pieces from her most recent instagram posts - which we definitely recommend you follow, by the way:

Think you can do better? Tweet us at @office_fruit with the hashtag #fruitfortheartist and send us your attempts at making some great tasting and great looking pieces!

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