Friday, 5 July 2013

#FitFruitFriday - Chill Out with Fruit! PART THREE: Fruit Ice Cubes

This weekend is looking to be even warmer than the last so we thought we'd get even cooler with the third and final part of our Chill Out with Fruit series! 

Even the thought of ice cubes clinking around in a cold drink on a hot day makes us wish 5pm would come sooner but the thought of ice cubes melting in the summer sun and watering down our delicious beverage? Well, that's just the most horrendous thought ever and we apologise for making you have to imagine it at all. 

But what if we, your London office fruit supplier, told you that ice cubes made of fruit could solve all of your diluted drink problems?! (because, really, who else would tell you about it and be THIS enthusiastic about it?)

Here's our favourite fruit ice cube recipes and what beverage best to enjoy them with. Cheers!

Juice Cubes

Freeze your favourite fruit juice in a ice cube tray.

Perfect with: 
  • Fruit juice - try a complimentary juice rather than the same e.g. raspberry juice cubes in cranberry juice or pineapple juice cubes in orange juice
  • Cocktails - either alcoholic or non-alcoholic e.g. an orange and cranberry juice cubes in a Sex on the Beach
  • Sangria - Orange or lemon juice cubes will keep that jug tasting perfect from beginning to end
  • Cola - A lemon juice cube will give it the twang it needs whilst keeping it cool
  • Sparkling water - Just to add a touch of flavour

Frozen Fruit

Pop sliced pieces of your favourite fruit into the freezer

Perfect with:
  • Smoothies - Ready to be blended up for a sweet treat in a hurry
  • Cocktails - Gives it a decorative and professional touch (and a snack at the bottom of the glass!)
  • White Wine - Add frozen white grapes to chill a glass of wine without compromising any of the flavour and adding a touch of decadence to an outdoor dinner party

Purees and Yoghurts

Freeze some fruit puree (or mashed up fresh fruit) or fruit yoghurt

Perfect with:
  • Slushies - Take a look at last week's post and you can use your puree cubes to make fruit slush!
  • Smoothies - Throw the yoghurt cubes in the blender with fresh fruit and you can make an ice cold smoothie in the blink of an eye
  • Daiquiris - Technically a slush but if we're able to make an alcoholic drink quicker then sign us up!

Let us know in the comments which of these you'll be trying on this gorgeous weekend and feel free to leave your ice drink suggestions below!

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