Friday, 26 July 2013

#FashionableFruitFriday - Fruity Lipglosses & Balms

The sunshine definitely takes its toll on our bodies (just take one look at us 'Lobster Red Ladies Gang' here at Fruit for the Office!) so we never forget to slather ourselves in moisturisers and after sun after a long day under its rays. 

But, we almost always forget those pretty little pouters on our faces - and with all the flaking, breaking and cracking your kissing instruments will endure after a sunbathing session, you know they are dying for hydration! (And dying to look perfectly smoochable)

Of course though, this office fruit supplier desires only the sweetest, juiciest and fruitiest be applied to our heated gobs so we scoured the internet for our favourite fruit flavoured lip products - because, what else were we going to be using?!

100% Pure 
Fruit Pigmented Lipglosses

Coloured with real fruit and vegetable pigments, this range of glosses pride themselves on having no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances or artificial colors - just like the rest of their range!

Fruity Flavours: cherry, plum, peach, grapefruit

'It Started With a Kiss' Lip Tint

Everyone's favourite British-born bath, body and beyond company has made it twice onto our list thanks to their handmade products and skin-loving ingredients. This balm also doubles as a stick thanks to it's pinky-red tint for a one-stop swatch of both colour and care!

Fruity Flavours: red apple, orange, redcurrants

'Lip Service' Lip Balm

Just a regular balm for those who like to keep things simple - and natural - this fruity lip soother comes encased in a super versatile and mobile tin.

Fruity Flavours: apricot, tangerine 

Lip Glaze

The brand on every fashionista's must-have list, Stila is one heck of a cosmetics company. So we definitely took notice when we saw how many delectable fruit flavours their classic lipgloss comes in! In an easy to use and easy to store click-pen packaging, this lip glaze is office pen pot friendly! (Perfect for those quick after-work drinks touch ups!)

Fruity Flavours: papaya, honeydew, guava, banana, raspberry

Be sure to give us feedback on this new #FashionableFruitFriday post, especially if you want to see more - or if you just want to add your favourite fruity lip product to the list!

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