Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Superfruit Alert: Ariona Berries

Another superfruit is in town and it's set to take the crowns from acai berries, goji berries and blueberries in one fell swoop. 

The Ariona berry is native to North America, however as the superfruit status of this berry climbs, farmers will no doubt begin cultivating this plant world wide.

Available in red, black and purple these small round berries grow in clusters and look rather like cranberries, and the similarities between the two don't stop there. Ariona berries are described as having a an extremely sharp, tart taste, enough to have earned them the nickname 'chokeberry'!

It is the black ariona berry which has cause a recent stir, their benefits are thought to be so vast, they've also been referred to as the 'healthiest fruit in the world'. They contain a range of antioxidants which are attributed with fighting free radicals, heart disease, some cancers and chronic inflammation.

In comparison to other fruits, here's how the antioxidant level of an ariona berries shapes up. Ariona berries contain.

    2 times as much antioxidant as cranberries
    4 times as much antioxidant as goji berries
    4 times as much antioxidant as strawberries
    4 times as much antioxidant as blueberries

The berries can be eaten raw, dried or made into wines. Just like other popular berries they can also be made into jams, sauces, teas and used in baking.

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