Friday, 17 August 2012

Fruit in Science

The past couple of weeks, the papers have been full of stories of fruit being used in unusual products. We all know that fruit is full of goodness. Whether you’re looking for a nutritious breakfast, healthy office snack, or a delicious desert, fruit is always a good choice. But recent reports have suggested that fruit could be used for much, much more. Here our round up of the best.

Fruit Juice in Chocolate
Scientists have developed a method of making healthy chocolate by replacing some of fat content with fruit juice. This method promises not to tamper with the way chocolate feels in the mouth – that would be sacrilege. However, the chocolate will take on a slightly fruit taste, but that’s fine by us.  

Strawberries in Suntan Lotion
Some other clever science folk found that strawberries contain an extract that provide protection against ultra violet rays. These finding will pave the way for the use of strawberry extract in suntan lotions and moisturisers. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘Strawberries and Cream’

Apple Flour
The demand for gluten free products is on the rise and more people realise they are allergic or simply attempt to cut some gluten from their lives. Finding suitable flour replacements that offer the same nutritional values as wheat has proven to be difficult. Until now. Scientists have developed fruit-flour made from the bi-product of cider production. Whilst production is in the early stages, the developers think they’re on to a fruity winner. 

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