Thursday, 12 July 2012

Top 5 Fruity Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Summer Cocktails

Whether your party has been moved indoors as you wait for the glorious summer rain to dissipate or you’re soaking up the sun during a BBQ, cocktails filled to the brim with fresh fruit are a summer staple.
With alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants a plenty, we take you through the top 5 fruit cocktails, which can all easily be made with the leftovers from your office fruit delivery!

Pina Colada
For a taste of the Caribbean, try this classic tropical cocktail that always tastes better when made from scratch! For a non-alcoholic version, remove all alcohol and add a double measure of pineapple juice.
Pour 35ml gold rum, 20ml of coconut rum, 50ml coconut cream, 50ml pineapple juice and 4 chunks of pineapple into a blender and blend until smooth. To serve, pour into a glass and garnish with a pineapple wedge, an orange slice and a cherry.

Full of fresh fruit, this much-loved BBQ drink is guaranteed to bring back memories of Spanish holidays. For a non-alcoholic version, replace the red wine with 2 parts cranberry juice and 1 part red grape juice.
Mix 3 parts red wine, 1 part orange juice and 2 parts lemonade into a large jug full of ice. Add lots of sliced lemon, orange and apple to the jug and garnish with sprigs of fresh mint. Serve in glasses and add more wine, juice or lemonade as desired.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
Sweet, decadent and fun, this drink is guaranteed to keep you cool and the non-alcoholic version is perfect for kids as it’s just like a slush puppy! For a non-alcoholic version, replace the rum and liquer with 30ml of lemonade.
Mix 4 fresh strawberries, 2 tsp white sugar, 35ml white rum, 1 tbsp strawberry liquer, 25ml lime juice and a handful of crushed ice in a blender and blend until smooth.  Pour into glasses and garnish with a fresh strawberry.

Peach Bellini
A classy and sophisticated drink, a peach bellini is easy to make and can also be made with different fruits such as nectarines or berries. For a non-alcoholic version, replace the champagne with lemonade, sparkling white grape juice or fizzy water.
Half 2 ripe peaches, remove the stones and blend them until they are a smooth puree. Pour into a jug and mix with a bottle of prosecco, champagne or sparkling wine. Serve in chilled champagne flutes.


A cheeky but refreshing drink, this can also be served in slushy form by blending with crushed ice in the same way as the frozen strawberry daiquiri. For a non-alcoholic version, replace all alcohol with orange juice, lime cordial and lemonade.

Pour 35ml tequila, 20ml Cointreau and 35ml of freshly squeezed lime juice into a cocktail shaker. Add some ice cubes and shake for 10 seconds. Take a martini glass and dampen the rim with water then dip in salt. Strain the mixture into the glasses and garnish with a lime wedge.

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