Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Top 5 Quick Fruit Recipes

As much as we love the natural beauty of fruit, there comes a time when you want something a little bit more exciting and decadent to eat at your desk. Something with a little crunch. Something buttery, something smooth, or maybe even something warm. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to reach for the biscuit tin or a portion of chips.

Here are some ideas for turning the mundane contents of the office fruit bowl into something a little bit more special.

Fresh Berry Yoghurt

This easy to make, fresh snack will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Just crush some berries with the back of a fork until they become a little pulpy, stir into some fat free yoghurt and enjoy.

Warmed Apple

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Take some slices of apple and place them in the microwave for a minute or until soft seconds. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon and there you have a hot spicy desert

Banana Crunch


Slice some ripe banana and place in a bowl then sprinkle it with whatever cereal you’ve got in the office. Oaty or bran cereals tend to work best. If you’re feeling extra peckish add some yoghurt to this combo for a more filling snack.

Frozen Grapes

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We’re a big fan of frozen grapes. They are a great substitute for icecream lovers as they are nice and cool and take on a creamy texture when frozen. Simply pop a bag in the freezer overnight and you’ll have a delicious snack the next day. Frozen grapes make a brilliant alternative for ice cubes too.

Figs and Cottage Cheese

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Cottage cheese is one of those ingredients that always has a place in the office fridge. This low calorie, mild cheese is brilliant for livening up a variety of office snacks including fruit. Chop up some fresh figs – leaving the skin on – and eat with a dollop of cottage cheese. Delicious!


  1. Oh YUM!!! I am new to frozen grapes, and now can't get enough of them:-) These are definitely great recipes:-) Take care, Terra

  2. They are delicious aren't they! Glad you like the recipes.


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