Monday, 2 April 2012

Non-Slip Banana

We’ve all seen the comedy sketch. X eats banana and drops skin on floor. Y comes along as happy as can be, slips on banana skin then comes crashing down to earth with a bang

It turns out that this common comedy sequence may not be entirely fictional after all. Apparently, a shocking 300 banana related injuries are reported every year in the UK. So when you add that to the number of people that are far too embarrassed to admit being the victim of a cartoon cliché – you’re probably looking a large number of banana slip ups each year.

Sainsbury’s have jumped to the nations rescue by developing the world’s first non-slip bananas to tackle what they feel is a growing problem of banana induced injury.

In order to make the bananas non slip, they are put through a technical process where the skin is dried out during the final stages of ripening.  Each banana is given an individual wetsuit specially designed to draw out excessive moisture. The process reduces the production of oils and water in the banana skin resulting in a less slippery fruit. 

We say, once you've enjoyed a banana from your office fruit delivery - just put your skins in the bin. Problem solved.

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