Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Stuck In A Frut?

We’ve all found ourselves in a frut – or fruit-rut – before were we end up eating the same fruits, day after day after day. This robotic like munching may be great for our 5 a day, but what about our taste buds?

By the time it gets to Thursday, the thought of facing another apple, banana and satsuma at your desk is enough to make anyone reach for the biscuit tin. So we thought that we’d suggest some fruit alternatives to help you to get out of your FRUT once and for all.

Figs – This fruit regularly crops up in recipe books baked with goats cheese and param ham. However, the humble fig will always be a sweet treat first. Fresh figs, eaten whole with the skin on, contain an explosion of texture and flavour.
Eric Hunt

Minneola – This citrus offering is a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine and is named after the Florida town where it was born.
Amanda 44

Redcurrants – These small ruby red gems are an understated berry, and just like figs they are often cooked. However, redcurrants are great eaten just as they come and are a rich source of iron and vitamin C.
Lukas Riebling

Physallis – This tangy treats can be a welcome option for those who find grapes a little too sweet. They’re very pretty too.

Star fruit – Another sweet yet tart option, these fruits can be eaten whole, including the skin so are ideal for eating at your desk.

The next time you’re putting together your fruit delivery order, try to mix it up a little bit so that everyone around you can dig themselves out of their FRUT!

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