Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Win A Box Of Fruit Every Week For A YEAR!

So, just in case you needed convincing of how brilliant the prize we are offering is, we’ve put together a calendar showing you just how you can benefit from your prize each and every month.

January – This is quite often the tightest month of the year. With your free fruit box your 5 a day is sorted meaning you can save more pennies for the January sales.
February - When it’s cold, people tend to eat less fruit (the allure of a steaming bag of chips is just too much) so having a box on our desk will surely encourage you to eat more.
March – Make your mother happy on Mother’s Day by telling her how much fruit you’ve been eating.
April – April Fools Day – with all of those banana skins at your disposal I’m sure no one will blame you for pulling the odd prank or two.
May – After the first bank holiday weekend of the year, you’ll probably be in need of some extra nutrition.
June – Ditch the faddy diets and forget the fatty snacks. Snack on fruit all day to help the pounds melt away.
July – Celebrate 4th July by putting together a fruit flag
August – Got some fruit let in the box at the end of the week? Take it home and make fruit kebabs for the bbq.
September – Back to school (work) stick an apple on the teacher’s (boss’s) desk to get in their good books.
October – Stick some apples in a bowl full of water and get the whole office apple bobbing.
November – Take a few of those apples, cover them in toffee and indulge around the bonfire.
December – Satsumas, satsumas, satsumas. There’s nothing like a satsuma to get you in the mood for Christmas.

It's time to ENTER!

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