Thursday, 4 August 2011

Do You Share?

When it comes to sharing in the office everyone has a completely different etiquette. We’ve put together three different types of sharers that we think dwell in every office. Which one are you?

The Over Sharer: The one buys a packet of biscuits and shares them round the WHOLE office. The rest of the office firstly feel obliged to say yes, and then feel satisfied with the buttery goodness, but are generally left feeling guilty as they realise that they don’t even know the Over Sharer’s name.

The Never Sharer: The person that hides their food in their draw, never offers to make a cup of tea and is the first one to grab their loot from the office fruit box.

The Surprise Sharer: This person is the wild card, they always buy the best biccies (Belgium chocolate of course!) but you never know if they’re going to offer one or not. As they bring out the office snacks, place them tentatively on their desk, the whole office waits with baited breath to see if they are going to share. They’ve got the power and they know it.

So when it comes to your office fruit delivery, individual packs of chopped fruit are just the ticket for satisfying every one in the office. The Over Sharer will inevitably give away her last piece of kiwi. The Never Sharer can confidently scoff the lot – guilt free, and the Surprise sharer, well; you just never know what’s going to happen with that one.

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