Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Blogger Of The Week

And the search for the very first Fruit For The Office Blogger Of The Week is on!

At Fruit For The Office was have always been a big fan of foodie blogs and well-being blogs. We love reading delicious recipes and picking up tips that will keep us healthy and happy.

So we’ve decided that every Friday we will give a special shout out to a blogger who has made our week with a particular post or recipe (it basically gives us license to read mouth watering recipes all day and call it work!).

If you’ve got a blog feel free to drop us a line to make sure that we’re keeping an eye on all of your fabulous posts.

There are no particular criteria - obviously we all about championing fruit and well being at work – but most of all we are looking for entertaining informative blog posts that make use want to read on.

Check back here on Friday to see who our very first blogger of the week is!

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