Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Mayor's Thames Festival, Strawberries and Cream and the Amazing Never-Ending Bullet Points

As the end of the summer draws ever closer, whilst many mourn the sun’s disappearance for another year and try and catch every last ray before the famous British winter, the more optimistic of us celebrate the beauty of the rare British summer by heading down to The Mayor’s Thames Festival!

The Mayor’s Thames Festival celebrates the end of the summer with two days of:

  • Food Markets
  • Fireworks
  • Live music
  • Photography masterclasses
  • Free creative youth workshops run by BBC Blast
  • Korean culture demonstrations including comedy dance troupes and taekwondo
  • Feasts by the river
  • Film and animation viewings and workshops
  • Archaeological walks
  • Energetic carnivals
  • Circus Troupes
  • And so much more…

Amongst all these amazing events, nestles the Fruit for the Office team! That’s right, for the 3rd year in a row at the Thames Festival, our lovely fruit fiends will be selling the last of summer’s sweetest, ripest strawberries teamed with the softest, velvety cream for both days, all day long!

Our strawberry and cream fruit fiends will be located on Southwark Bridge for the whole of the festival and as a special treat for our loyal customers, if you have a little chat with us and tell us your company name and account contact, you’ll get a free helping of London’s favourite fruit-dairy combo!

If you want more information about The Mayor’s Thames Festival to make sure you can get there to see our happy faces, visit

Hope to see you there and we’ll be waiting with our customer’s freebies!

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