Friday, 25 June 2010

Breakfast for the Office!

Although the name “Fruit for the Office” might make our company’s products seem clear enough, not every office wants just fruit. Think about every day in your office, when do you ever have a day without a cup of tea, coffee or even hot chocolate to see you through your seemingly never-ending working hours?

Our Fruit for the Office boffins came up with a simple solution to keep all our customers happy: provide Twining, PG Tips and Tetley teabags, Nescafe coffees and Cadbury’s drinking chocolate to keep our healthy, happy customers even happier with a nice brew!

But now summer’s coming and to keep you even healthier, cooler and fruitier, we also stock Highland Spring still and sparkling water, Tropicana fruit juices and freshly squeezed fruit juices – keeping every employee in your office hydrated, healthy and happy to work!

However, the FFTO boffins completely outdid themselves when they realised that busy office workers need to not only be full of tasty fruit but also filling breakfasts and lunches! An increasing number of office employees are working earlier and earlier and we all know that people work much more efficiently when they’ve had a satisfying breakfast which is why we now supply crumpets, Hovis bread, eggs, bread rolls, single and double cream and skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk.

Now all your employees will not only be full of our high quality, luxury fruit but also office day essentials, keeping everybody happy and working to the highest standard throughout the day!

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