Tuesday, 8 September 2009


One of the Thames Festival's major commissions sees Southwark Bridge transformed by a team of artists led by Clare Patey into a magical feasting environment with banqueting tables, activities for all and the chance to sample food from some of the UKs best sustainable producers. Visitors to the bridge can try churning butter and foraging for food along the Thames; you can tread grapes at the Festival Wine Bar, bob for apples, carve pumpkins, share seeds and help create a 6-metre long cake - the Beast on the Bridge.

Feast on the Bridge has been concieved as a spectacular communal 'harvest supper' that aims to reconnect an urban public with the growing cycle and to encourage people to reclaim a public space, share a meal and conversation. Work has been taking place behind the scenes since early April with people from across London growing mobile edible gardens to bring to the Feast, to cook, share and exhibit. Cakes are being baked, tea-pots collected, guitars tuned and bunting sewn - come along and join Fruit for the Office for freshly chopped fruit and strawberries and cream on the bridge!

• 1.22pm Sacred Mayonnaise Ritual - Low Tide
• 3.30pm Communal Mayonnaise-making
• 7.35pm Sacred Mayonnaise Ritual - High Tide
• 2, 4 & 6pm Butter-churning
• 2, 3, 4 & 5pm Story-telling
• 5pm Slicing of the cake - Beast on the Bridge
• 3, 5 & 7pm Treading of the grapes

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