Sunday, 2 November 2008

Christmas presents….?..Already..?

It’s coming close to that time or year again. The cheesy Christmas tracks are starting to be played on the radio and the more ‘organised’ (..or annoying, however you look at it) of us have already stocked up on every required present.. But sometimes it’s hard to think of good gift idea. Something original, different from last year, that will actually make a real impression…but wait…we might just have the solution.

Our tasty, colourful fruit baskets this year include Pink Champagne, Teddy Bears, and even a Smoothie Maker & Fruit Basket. We have discounts on bulk orders and guarantee our baskets will create a Christmas stir!

So if your stuck for an idea, or just want to treat a colleague or client to a tasty fresh fruit basket check out the full range here >

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