Friday, 29 March 2013

#FitFruitFriday - Tips for a Healthy Easter

Easter is a potential minefield of diet disasters and it can be hard to restrain yourself over the long weekend. From delicious Easter Sunday dinner to the dreaded jumbo-sized Easter Eggs, temptation is everywhere but we here at Fruit for the Office feel we've trained our Fit Fruit Friday warriors well enough over the past few months to just eat fruits, veggies and NO CHOCOLATE all weekend...

Nah, of course not! If anything we've taught you that moderation is key and there's absolutely nothing wrong with indulging from time to time, especially after spending the whole of March being stared at by the eyes of a thousand chocolate bunnies lining the supermarket shelves - it's enough to drive anybody mad!

So, here's our tips on how to have a relatively healthy Easter!

  • Savour the Flavour
If you do opt for a larger Easter egg, be sure to break bits off, put them in a bowl and only eat that amount at a time. Putting out the whole Easter egg for yourself is bound to lead to a chocolate covered, upset tummy-ed disaster and you only get to experience it the once! Stick to strict portion control if you have a large egg or, even better, buy small individually wrapped eggs so that you have to unwrap each one and can clearly see how many you've put away!

  • Sharing is Caring (for your body!)
Someone given you a large bag of Mini Eggs in your basket? Share the love! Having that big bag will only led to overeating so sharing them out will help you to eat in moderation and you can also look like a good Samaritan for passing the bag round the table!

  • Wholegrain the Whole Way
No-one can resit a squidgy, doughy and sweet hot cross bun on Good Friday. Make yours a bit less sinful by switching to a wholemeal variation - easily found at most supermarkets and bakeries - it'll be just a delicious but more filling - helping you to avoid overeating.

  • Come to the Dark Side
Dark chocolate is a lot better for you than milk, so says plenty of those wonderful food scientists, as it contains double the antioxidants, less calories and helps to lessen your sweet cravings. Aim for 70 to 80% cocoa content and you'll be better off for it!

  • Rabbit Grazing
Turn to the Easter Bunny diet when it comes to snacking this weekend and stock up on plenty of carrot and celery sticks - they'll keep you full while you wait for Easter Sunday dinner and help to curb the sugar crashes that come with your chocolate. If you find them plain, enjoy with a healthier dip such as hummus, salsa or vinaigrette.

  • Hop Along

Get active! You've got a long weekend, so don't waste it lounging around in front of rubbish telly - grab the family and get out and about, even if it's just for a long walk over the park! You can keep yourself and/or the kids occupied (and fit) with a swim, cycle or even a kick about this weekend - just get out there and give that Easter Bunny a hop for his money!

Hopefully these tips will help you to maintain your gym bunny body this Easter! Let us know in the comments if any of these tips helped you along over the long weekend.

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