Thursday, 23 August 2012

10 Types of Apple

Apples are one of the nation’s favourite fruit. We grow them well in the UK and this classic handheld fruit is a firm lunchtime favourite. But when it comes to picking a bright shiny sample from the shelf - do you know your Galas from your Braeburns? Well by the end of this blog post hopefully you will!

Braeburn – These sweet/tart apples have a red-orange-yellow streaky appearance. A good Braeburn is crisp and juicy but not too hard.

Cameo – Cameo apples are firm with a red-yellow skin and have a refreshing taste similar to pears.

Cox – These beauties have an obvious orange-red skin and have a sweet fruity yet aromatic flavour

Fuji – These apples have a pretty pink speckled skin and have a refreshing crisp taste

Golden Delicious – The yellowy-green skin on these apples is where the ‘Golden’ part of their name comes from. And personally, we think they’re soft sweet flesh is pretty 'Delicious' so that explains the rest!

Granny Smith – This easily recognised solid green apple is known to be hard crisp and very sharp! You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em.

Jazz – These bright red and yellow apples are a cross between and Royal Gala and a Braeburn. They have a yellow flesh that is sweet, juice and crisp but quite dense. WARNING: strong teeth required!

Pink Crisp – More commonly known by their brand name - Pink Lady – these apples are sweet and crisp with distinct pink skin.

Red Delicious – Probably the most identifiable apple with its shiny, deep red skin. The skin is thick and bitter whilst the flesh is soft.

Royal Gala – This is one of the most common apples around. They are soft, sweet and have a pear-like quality.

What's your favourite?


  1. Hi! I think you mean "Cripps Pink," the true variety name for the apple that is sometimes marketed under the name "Pink Lady." I've never heard of "Pink Crisp" before.

    Regards, Adam

  2. No egremont russet? Madness...

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