Friday, 25 November 2016

Baileys Recipes To Take You Through The Festive Season

Baileys is that drink that gets everyone in the mood for Christmas. And even better, there are some super simple drinks that can be made with this delicious whiskey and cream-based liquer. Read on to find out more....

Baileys Coffee

Super simple, all you need is freshly brewed coffee and a shot of baileys. Mix together in a mug, and done! You can even ramp it up a notch with some irish whiskey, and perhaps some whipped cream! Yum!

Baileys Iced Coffee

The sister to the Bailey's Coffee, this version requires freshly brewed coffee, that has been left to cool. Fill a glass with ice, and pour in the cold coffee and Bailey's. Perfect for those warmer days...

Baileys Hot Chocolate

This has to be the cult favourite. Who doesn't love some Bailey's in their hot choc!? Simply make your favourite hot chocolate, add a shot of Bailey's, and some whipped cream (we love chocolate whipped cream!)

Baileys Over Ice Cream

This was one that we'd not heard of before, but it sounds delicious. Find your favourite ice cream, preferably vanilla, and put a scoop into a short glass. Pour over a shot or two of Baileys, and you're done! You can even eat it with a spoon if you don't want to wait for the ice cream to melt! 

What's your favourite way to enjoy Baileys? Let us know @office_fruit

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