Friday, 22 April 2016

Office Yoga Without Leaving Your Chair

Sometimes working in an office means sitting in a chair, at a desk for 8+ hours at a time (aside from walking to the toilet, to the fridge, to the shop...), and this means that even the best of us will suffer from sore shoulders, a stiff neck, and lower back pain.

Solution? Office yoga! No, we're not suggesting that yoou get changed into your sports bra and yoga pants and get into downward dog next to your boss's desk.

Instead, this simple yoga routine can be done in the comfort of your office chair. We promise it'll be worth it!

1. Underarm Stretch

As you finish an inhale, interlace your fingers, invert your palms, pull your fingers against each other to stretch across the armpits. Stay here for a few slow breaths, being sure your neck and shoulders stay as relaxed as possible.

2. Between-the-Shoulder-Blades Release

Next, scoop your tailorbone under, round your upper back, and push your hands away from you. Breathe here, feeling the release in the space between your shoulder blades. Before you release your hands, sneak a peek at them and notice which pinky is on the outside.

3 Front-of-the-Shoulder Stretch

Inhale and lift your arms overhead; exhaling, release them and take them together behind you, opposite pinky on the outside. Either rest your knuckles on your sacrum and move your elbows together or, if you are looser, straighten your elbows and raise your hands behind you. Lift your chest into a light backbend for a few breaths.

4.Top-of-the-Shoulder Stretch

Finally, straighten your back again and take your interlaced fingers to one side of your waist, lowering your head in that direction, too. You'll find a stretch for the trapezius and scalene muscles along the top of the shoulder and the neck. Slowly rotating your head side to side by lifting and lowering your nose while keeping your head angled will move the stretch. Finish with the hands and head on the other side.

What's your favourite yoga pose? Let us know @office_fruit

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