Monday, 11 July 2011

Drinks for the Office

We always talk about how great fruit is for office snacking, which is true. But we haven’t touched on another favourite for a while. Office drinking!

Now when we say drinking, we don’t necessarily mean alcohol (it is Monday morning after all), there are plenty of easy things you can do with your office fruit supply to create interesting drinks.

Hot Water with Lemon

Popping a few slices of fresh lemon in some hot water is a great way to wake up the digestive system first thing in the morning. Many have used it as a weight loss tool; we just think it’s tasty – especially with a bit of honey in.

Fruity Fizzy Water

Crush a few berries in the bottom of a glass and top with some sparking water for a tasty refreshing treat. Or if it’s time for a celebration top with some sparkling wine for what we like to call the ‘Fruit for the Office Bellini!’

Soomthie Time

Get the boss to treat the team to a Smoothie Maker Fruit Basket. Promise to supply him/her with a fresh smoothie every morning and I'm sure you'll be on to a winner!


We couldn’t have a post about office fruit drinks without mentioning the ultimate fruity tipple. Our rule is that when it comes to Pimms, anything goes. Chuck in whatever fruit you’ve got left over at the end of the week and enjoy!

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